Create, innovate and learn. An endless supply of kid-friendly challenges at home.

Mind Lab Kids and Genesis School-gen have partnered to bring your 5-12 year old FREE access to a series of fun, creative, home-based experiments and problems to solve. Perfect for young makers, doers, thinkers and tinkerers. Just leave them to it!

Genesis School-gen are providing Mind Lab Kids to all New Zealanders free for the winter months. Subscribe at any time, no questions asked.

Say hello to Mind Lab Kids!

So how does it work?

Taking the challenge

One of our Superhero Edtech Educators uploads a challenge, and shows how they did it!

Collaborating and creating

Your little one hunts around the house for the ingredients, gets busy making it, and captures their process.

Getting feedback

They upload the response to the site to show their besties how it's done!

See what our whizzes have created so far!

Science & Engineering
Viking Rich

Viking Rich really needs to know, why are plants green?

Oopsie Daisy

How and why has Oopsie Daisy's HEAD ended up inside a jar?? We don't know whether to laugh... or scream! Find out how to make this epic prank!

Mal Dizzee

So, you know how batteries provide power to objects that conduct electricity? Well, Mal Dizzee is confused about why humans don't conduct that power through their bodies! Help!

Coco & Co

Pop! Pop! Pop! Coco loves blowing bubbles... watching them glisten in the air! However, what she cannot understand, is how the pink liquid inside the bottle, turns clear! Help, somebody!

Science & Engineering
Professor D

Can you help Professor D figure out why his hair is so attracted to balloons?!

Animation & Design
Coco & Co

When there are so many different things to include in a stop motion movie, Coco and Boh, really wanna know, if you can show... Basically, they wanna see you put your brain to the test and make a movie with some very specific, alphabet-related details!

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Fun & creative, at home

A series of home-based challenges designed to encourage kids to explore, experiment and share by solving problems with items they can find at home.


Videos are created in our studio and kids respond by recording their at-home attempt and sharing it online.

Safe and secure

The online safety of our users is one of our major priorities and the platform is closely and regularly monitored to ensure all postings and activity comply with our House Rules.

Designed for 5-12 year olds

Whether it’s a good giggle, the opportunity to be silly while creating, the freedom to explore or a dose of encouragement, we provide it all.


Who created Mind Lab Kids?

Mind Lab Kids has been developed by The Mind Lab, award-winning providers of science, tech & discovery learning experiences for young people and New Zealand’s dedicated postgraduate institute for contemporary education.

How much does it cost?

It's completely free for Kiwi kids thanks to the Genesis School-gen programme!

What if I have multiple kids who want to join?

We believe every child should shine with their own video content! One parent / guardian account can have up to four children associated with it, and each child will get their own username and password to access their uploads and favourite videos.

All payment and subscription information is held under the parent / guardian account, and parents / guardians can change the usernames / passwords at any time, as well as deleting or adding accounts for children under their subscription.

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