DIY Wireless Cellphone Charger with Viking Rich

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DIY Wireless Cellphone Charger with Viking Rich

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By Viking Rich
2 people
30 mins

Create a simple portable phone charger that uses 4 aa batteries


- Old USB data cable/Charging cable
- Wire cutter & stripper
- 4 x AA Batteries & 4-battery-battery-pack
- Voltage regulator - IC - 7805

This challenge require some soldering/wiring and may need adult supervision.


**Step 1:**
Prep the USB Cable, Cut it about 15cm from the end you want to use. Strip the end. Use only the red and black wires.

**Step 2:**
Use video to connect the circuit up!

**Step 3:**
Test!What does the voltage regulator do? Why is this important? What could you use to house the battery pack? How could you make the design more functional?