Would you rather...

Kiss a Snake?


Hold a Jellyfish?


Bet you didn't know that one!!

What would you rather dress up as for halloween?

A slice of pizza?


A taco baby?


You heard it here first!

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When you realize school holidays start Monday...

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Crazycat's magnetic moment!

Who doesn't love a squirrel water skiing???

Science & Engineering
Viking Rich

When Viking Rich was out in the mountains one day, he shouted for help when he lost his way! But, instead of someone replying, he heard his own voice repeat what he shouted!
How does that work? And why does it only happen in some places?

Animation & Design
Oopsie Daisy

Calling all movie makers! Oopsie Daisy has a picture perfect challenge that will test your eye for detail, and help you make some epic films that no one will want to miss!

When you realize Halloween is next week...

Check out this fun fact!

Thanks to factsite.com we have some information to add your brain box!

Does anyone else have this problem with siblings??

Science & Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

Oopsie Daisy really wants to know... Sugar tastes so good but how much is too much??

Science & Engineering

Eve-ader was reminiscing about a cool as kaleidoscope she made with her Granddad once... but she doesn't really get how it all works! Can you explain this light-tastic phenomenon?
Or maybe even make one??

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Crazycat’s Music copyright solution

When school photos come around and you haven't quite mastered the smile yet!

Oopsie Daisy

Are you up for the challenge? It's competition time! 

If you send in your response before 1st of December 2017 you will be in the draw to win a free starter-pack. 

Science & Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

Some sparkle and flicker, others just sit there like a snowflake in the darkness! Some are big and round, and others look like a teeny tiny dot! Oopsie Daisy needs to know why some stars are bigger and bolder than the rest!

Coco & Co

Everyone keeps saying it, but we're not sure it's 100% true! Can anyone explain how this little saying came about?