They say that the older siblings are the ring leaders… we are convinced it’s true!

Science & Engineering

 Parehe heard that you can make an egg bounce, without breaking! She's got all the ingredients, but can she pull this wacky egg-speriment off?

What's the BEST thing about birthdays?

Cake! 🎂


Presents! 🎁


That moment when you have absolutely no idea what you’re supposed to be doing so you just type whatever comes to your head like you’re totally onto it!

When a family photo goes wrong...

Whoever said dogs can’t fly?

Nora Carrot

No one likes to have a tummy ache, but Nora Carrot has been busy making something disgustingly cool! Can you make your vomit look real?



Viking Rich

Ever end up with too many boxes? Unwrapping new shoes or toys, or even just old ones that have been storing stuff? Viking Rich has a challenge for you to finally make use of them!

When you realise that you forgot to clean your room and it’s a matter of minutes before your parents will enter and the world starts spinning AND OH NO WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO?!

If Santa has never been seen before then how do we know he doesn't look like this... Just a thought...

Oopsie Daisy

Do you ever finish a video and realise you forgot to add something?! Or maybe your kitty cat comes and plonks itself down in front of the camera half-way through?! Oopsie Daisy to the rescue - here's how to edit videos like a pro.

We have some awesome news.. We are now on Lightbox! Head over to Lightbox to check out some of our awesome challenges!

When you realize Halloween is next week...

Check out this fun fact!

Thanks to we have some information to add your brain box!

Does anyone else have this problem with siblings??

Science & Engineering
Nora Carrot

Why does water look blue in a swimming pool but clear when you splash it? Nora Carrot and Mal Dizzee want to know what colour water is! 

Viking Rich

It's our first birthday! Viking Rich has a great new challenge for you! 

Science & Engineering
Viking Rich

 Viking Rich has a nifty challenge for you to complete in no time at all! Who knew you could capture the sun with a piece of paper?!