When you're so full you go into a food coma.. and then slowly turn into a bowl of noodles??

Science & Engineering
Coco & Co

Everyone keeps saying it, but we're not sure it's 100% true! Can anyone explain how this little saying came about?

Our favourite kind of pony ride!

Science & Engineering
Viking Rich

COMPETITION: Charcoal... Sand... Leaves... Plastic... Find out what Viking Rich is up to, and get involved with this awesome-tastic new competition to be in to win a bunch of MLK goodies! (And we'll chuck in his helmet too!)

Science & Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

Rockets and satellites are always going out into the unknown, but what Oopsie Daisy wants to know is, just how far has anything made by humans, actually traveled? Is there a way to find out?

We’ve all got that one friend that we can’t trust to be sensible in public right?!

Ready?? On 1 , 2 , 3 PUPPIES!!

Science & Engineering

We all know that spacemen need to chuck on a spacesuit before they head out into the galaxy... but does anyone know why?? Help Boh out!

Why do glow worms glow?

By RanuiG

Which is cooler?

A penguin dancing with a racoon


A polar bear jumping on a trampoline



This mum and daughter duo are guest starring on MLK to share their favourite use for leftover cardboard and those marbles that've been collecting dust since 2014!

Animation & Design
Coco & Co

ECU, MLS, high angle... Learn the lingo before putting them to use!

Did you just say walkies will have to be tomorrow? ! ?

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Mermaids of the Caribbean

Which would you rather have as a pet?

A supersonic, laser-eyed lizard that could zap things


A monkey that could swing around your house to get everything for you and turn your gadgets on and off when you tell it to!


Science & Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

When we found out glow in the dark worms exist, the first thing Oopsie Daisy thought was WOW, the second thing EW, and the third thing HOW?! Can you guys help her out?

When you ate all the party food before the party and have no way of blaming anyone else!! HAHHAHA!

Science & Engineering
Coco & Co

We all know seeds and pips are usually found on this inside of fruit... but Strawberries seem to defy this law! Can you explain why?