Electronic Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

Ever wondered how your photos and videos actually got there in the first place? How does the world fit into tiny memory cards? Oopsie Daisy's mind is blown!

Science & Engineering

Parehe loves eggs, whether she's eating them or eggs-perimenting with them. One thing she can't figure out is how they can float... can you egg-splain this phenomenon? 

Electronic Engineering
Science & Engineering
Nora Carrot

Ever wondered why wires have positive and negative ends? Does that mean one side is happy and one is sad? Help Nora Carrot suss this out!

Science & Engineering

Do you think you know how to make bubbles that don't pop, but BOUNCE? Parehe can show you how!

You will need:
- Bubble mixture (or make your own)
- A straw
- A woollen sock or glove


They say a baby is born every minute! That's a lot of babies! Parehe wants to know just how many people the earth will have on it in the future!

When school photos come around and you haven't quite mastered the smile yet!

Check out this fun fact!

Who doesn't love a squirrel water skiing???

If Santa has never been seen before then how do we know he doesn't look like this... Just a thought...

When Grandma is getting down with the kids, you know you’re in for a hilarious time! Shake it!

When a family photo goes wrong...

That moment when school’s out for the holidays! #YAAAAASSSSS


Hey… hey… hellooooo… is this thing on?r yawning, or he’s telling us off.

This looks familiar. Anyone else get those Monday morning feels?

Best way to get out of bed in the morning is...

Set alarms and leave them in different places - that way you have to get up to turn them off


Get someone to splash you with freezing cold water!


What's your Favourite Emoji to use?

The cry/laughing face ?


Crazy face ?


Do you prefer ...

Cats ?


Dogs ?


Oopsie Daisy

Are you up for the challenge?

Pineapple Eros

Pineapple Eros sometimes has a laugh with Professor D about his lack of hair! It's an interesting topic though - why is it that some people end up going bald?


 We all do! Does anybody know why different areas of the planet have different times, and why they change every so often?