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Crazycat's magnetic moment!

Science & Engineering
Coco & Co

Pineapple Eros, Coco, and Baby Ezra (Lil Co), are wondering something... why is it that some people need glasses to help them see?

When school photos come around and you haven't quite mastered the smile yet!

Does anyone else have this problem with siblings??

Science & Engineering
Viking Rich

Viking Rich, who lives in the chilliest reaches of the planet, devised an ingenious way to harness the sun's energy.Introducing: the homemade solar oven!

Coco & Co

Pro tip: get your besties involved with this one, and see whose rocket launcher can shoot the furthest or the highest! Pro tip #2: follow the safety warnings...

What challenges would you like to see more of at MLK?





Does your dream pet come with robotic limbs? One word for you: brave. If we saw a kangaroobot, we’d be running in the opposite direction!

Electronic Engineering
Science & Engineering
Professor D

Ever seen a plastic plate hover above the ground all by itself?? Nope, us neither. But today Professor D is going to make what SEEMS impossible, possible. And so are you!

Electronic Engineering

Ever sit there streaming your favourite movie, and then... SUDDENLY... It just freezes?! Then it takes a bazillion years to load? CC needs your help to figure out just what is going on inside the device!!

Science & Engineering
Viking Rich

Charcoal... Sand... Leaves... Plastic... Find out what Viking Rich is up to...

When you're so full you go into a food coma.. and then slowly turn into a bowl of noodles??

Science & Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

Rockets and satellites are always going out into the unknown, but what Oopsie Daisy wants to know is, just how far has anything made by humans, actually traveled? Is there a way to find out?

Ready?? On 1 , 2 , 3 PUPPIES!!


This mum and daughter duo are guest starring on MLK to share their favourite use for leftover cardboard and those marbles that've been collecting dust since 2014!

Did you just say walkies will have to be tomorrow? ! ?

When you ate all the party food before the party and have no way of blaming anyone else!! HAHHAHA!

Pineapple Eros

Can you explain those silly sounds coming out of Pineapple Eros' stomach?!

Animation & Design
Coco & Co

Stuck for ideas? Jazz up your profile pic with this super cool tutorial!

What is more likely to take over the world?

Giant electric rubber ducks, with sea levels rising they will conquer all!


Talking Llamas, its all about the looks in this day and age!!