Nora Carrot

No one likes to have a tummy ache, but Nora Carrot has been busy making something disgustingly cool! Can you make your vomit look real?



Viking Rich

Ever end up with too many boxes? Unwrapping new shoes or toys, or even just old ones that have been storing stuff? Viking Rich has a challenge for you to finally make use of them!

When you realise that you forgot to clean your room and it’s a matter of minutes before your parents will enter and the world starts spinning AND OH NO WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO?!

Best way to get out of bed in the morning is...

Set alarms and leave them in different places - that way you have to get up to turn them off


Get someone to splash you with freezing cold water!


If Santa has never been seen before then how do we know he doesn't look like this... Just a thought...

Oopsie Daisy

Do you ever finish a video and realise you forgot to add something?! Or maybe your kitty cat comes and plonks itself down in front of the camera half-way through?! Oopsie Daisy to the rescue - here's how to edit videos like a pro.

We have some awesome news.. We are now on Lightbox! Head over to Lightbox to check out some of our awesome challenges!

Would you rather...

Kiss a Snake?


Hold a Jellyfish?


When you realize Halloween is next week...

Check out this fun fact!

Thanks to we have some information to add your brain box!

Does anyone else have this problem with siblings??

You know when you have to go to the supermarket… or get new school shoes… this pig’s got your back !

Science & Engineering
Oopsie Daisy

These days everyone is encouraged to recycle to save the planet! It seems straightforward enough, right? ... Oopsie Daisy has got into a bit of a pickle, and needs your help figuring out why there are so many different types of recycling bins!

Science & Engineering

Parehe discovered that apparently Flamingos turn pink because of the shrimp they consume... does that mean humans can change colour too?

When you’ve overdone it at the beach but really don’t want to go home!


 We all do! Does anybody know why different areas of the planet have different times, and why they change every so often?


Parehe has a crafty challenge for you that will leave you hanging on a string... well, not you, but your new leafy creation! Get a taste of how to make your own Harakeke decorative design from just leaves and string!

If this isn't going to be me all summer then summer might as well not come..

Who doesn't love a squirrel water skiing???

Science & Engineering

Eve-ader was reminiscing about a cool as kaleidoscope she made with her Granddad once... but she doesn't really get how it all works! Can you explain this light-tastic phenomenon?
Or maybe even make one??

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